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Kevin Phipps, known to many as Tiger, who holds the distinguished title of Master Barber and Instructor, is the CEO/Director of Phipps Academy of Barbering.


 Born and raised from humble beginnings in the South Side of Chicago housing projects, Kevin developed an interest for Barbering at a young age of 13. While doing maintenance work for his church, he prayed for god to give him something in his hands to earn a living, in which he was blessed with his gift of barbering. He went door to door offering Barbering services in Altgeld Gardens housing projects. His Uncle Lou allowed him to work in his barbershop at the age of 16 and taught him the fundamentals and skills needed to become a Barber. Kevin developed a passion for the art of barbering and soon enrolled at McCoy’s Barber College but then transferred to Cain’s Barber College which helped to catapult his career. He opened his first barbershop called Tiger’s Design Masters at the age of 20. Kevin realized that his goals and aspirations were much bigger than just cutting hair, he wanted to teach and train others this profession.


In 2004 while “Trusting the Process”, Kevin opened Ultimate Touch Barber College in Richton Park, IL. His dream had become a realization and students from all around began their journey of becoming certified professional barbers through Kevin’s leadership, guidance, and training.


For over 3 decades, Mr. Phipps has been a major asset to the community by helping students from all backgrounds obtain their dream of becoming barbers. His dedication, perseverance, and love for helping others has created an atmosphere of success for all those who walk through the doors of his academy.


  • Kevin has started new endeavors which includes a brand new name for the school and what was formerly known as Ultimate Touch Barber College and is now called Phipps Academy of Barbering. This academy holds true to Kevin’s high standards of excellence and productivity. Students can expect to receive the knowledge, training and certification necessary to become well-rounded future professionals and entrepreneurs. This is what it’s all about “creating opportunities for students to succeed “.


Kevin Phipps., CEO/Director/Instructor 

Cedric King, Administrator 

Calvin Kelly, Instructor 

Matthew Bridges, Instructor

Joanne Denton. Instructor 

   Lawanda Madison, Instructor 


Our mission is to educate, empower, and enhance all students who attend Phipps Academy of Barbering. We are dedicated to offering the highest quality of services, professionalism, and standards which are the foundations that our school is built upon. We’re a purpose-driven school aimed at ensuring each student has all the necessary knowledge and strategies to become effective leaders and entrepreneurs making an impact in the community and the lives of others.


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