Professional Barber:                                             

  • Driver’s License or State ID

  • Has a high school diploma/transcript or GED

  • Registration Fee and Books/Kit Fee

  • DD214

Professional Barber Instructors:

  • Has a high school diploma/transcript or a GED

  • Driver’s License or State ID

  • Certificate of Completion from

  • Barber License

  • Registration Fee and Books

  • DD214


Thanks! Registering.



  •  School Catalog (website)

  •  Gainful Employment (website)

  •  School’s Completion Rate (website)

  •  School’s Licensure Rate (website)

  •  School’s Job Placement Rate (website)

  •  Physical Demands of the Profession

  •  Safety Requirements of the Profession

  •  Compensation a Graduate can reasonably expect

  •  Licensure Requirements for the Jurisdiction in which the school is Located

  •  Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

  •  Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Policy (website)

  •  State Board Rules & Regulations

  •  School Curriculum

  •  Title IX

  •  Violence against Women Act

  •  Annual Campus Security Report (website)

  •  Voter Registration information & form

You will receive this information during registration or you can review the information on our website.